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Angela Kusturiss Krenzelak, Esq.
Attorney | Director |Mediator

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Over 20 years of family law experience in a family law firm with a 70 year history.

Online & In Person Meetings Available

Family Mediation

Meet together to resolve issues of conflict within families and avoid litigation.

Address custody, support, estate disputes and many more family conflicts.  Leave your mediation with a signed memorandum reflecting YOUR agreement.

Marriage Mediation

Meet with your spouse to reach resolutions prior to getting married to resolve prenuptial issues, during your marriage to resolve nuptial issues or in anticipation of separation or divorce to settle your divorce and separation issues.

Community Disputes

Work through disputes within your community or neighborhood with a mediator to guide your process.

Meet to discuss solutions and positive outcomes for all.

Therapy Sessions
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After practicing in the area of family law and estates for over 20 years, Attorney Kusturiss saw the disservice that families were experiencing with litigation as their only option.  In most cases, families were sophisticated enough to reach their own agreements and outcomes without the Court's direction or the need for litigation.  Whether it was miscommunication, lack of communication, or the hurdles created by having multiple attorneys and court masters/judges, it would take many months and create a financial hardship on all parties before they could reach a resolution.  In 2013, Attorney Kusturiss trained to be a certified family mediator and began offering families another way out of the conflict. Families have a way forward with less expense, that takes less time and creates less animosity - all the while and most importantly, keeping the power over their future in their own hands

Join the many families  who have benefited from mediation as a way to resolve their conflict and never see the inside of a courtroom.All meetings take place online via Zoom, FaceTime, or Microsoft Teams, so you can meet with your mediator in the comfort of your own home at a time as scheduled by you.  If you are in Western Pennsylvania, you are also able to appear for in person mediation sessions at our office.

We also offer other services to help support families, including: 

Marriage Dispute Resolution and Parenting Co-Ordination. 

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Family Mediation

Marriage Mediation

Community Diputes


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