Happy Family
Family Mediation

You may find that you have times when you need outside help to resolve conflicts within your family. 

A mediator can help you communicate to find solutions.

                     A "family" may be any version of the following:


                    1.  An in-tact family - a family that lives under the same roof and operates as a unit.

                    Examples of possible conflicts:  purchasing a new home, taking a new job, living with an adult child, planning your estate.

                    2.  A separated family - a family which lives in separate homes due to divorce or separation.

                    Examples of possible conflicts:  sharing custody of children, resolving asset division, calculating support payments

                    3.  An extended family - multiple generations of a family living in the same or multiple households. 

                       Examples of possible conflicts:  estate planning, long term care planning, family business management and succession.

                        4. Fictiv Kinship - extended family members who are not related by either blood or marriage.